((OTRS - Manager))

((OTRS - Manager))

((OTRS - Manager)) is a software application developed to help you manage your Open-source Ticket Request System (OTRS) server right from the comfort of your desktop. You need to have administrative privileges in order to make use of the program’s features.

Server connection settings

Several connection parameters are required to be configured at startup. They are related to database (driver, port, encoding, OTRS database, username, and password), OTRS server (e.g. HTTP address, browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera), as well as OTRS manager (e.g. starting date, refresh time).

OTRS management features

The tool gives you the possibility to automatically log in to OTRS, while offering support for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) and LDAP and ADS access for embedded customer information.

You can check out a dashboard with personal ticket overviews and graphical statistics, schedule reports, and create your own ticket-based screens and processes (ticket workflows).

The application organizes external and internal tickets with the aid of queues and provides different view modes (by queue, status or escalation). What’s more, you can access a history which records all changes to a ticket and set up multiple tickets at the same time for quick replying, forwarding, updating attributes, moving to another queue, and other actions.

You can link tickets to other tickets or objects like FAQ entries, search for data, and impose restrictions.

It comes with support for MIME emails with attachments, automatic conversion of HTML to TXT messages, mail filters based on custom rules, PGP and S/MIME standards for certificate management, automatic responses, and email notifications.

Final words

To sum things up, ((OTRS - Manager)) proves to be a powerful reporting framework for accessing your server without using a browser. It comes packed with many noteworthy and professional features; you just need to dedicate some of your time to discover them.

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